On the tenth day of Giving, my good friend gave to me… Ten fosters caring for a pet’s whole journey!

Today is Day 10 of the 12 Days of Giving, sponsored by Niagara Water! One of the most important roles a person can have in our animals’ lives is being their foster parent. Our fosters take care of our cats, dogs, kittens, and puppies throughout their entire journey, sometimes literally since they are born! While HPA! covers the entire expense that fostering an animal (or several at the same time) takes, it’s up to each individual foster pawrent to nurture and enrich the lives of the animals.

It’s easy to become a foster, but it does take commitment and the right set up. We’re incredibly grateful to all of our amazing temporary parents who set each animal up for success so that they get the care, supplies, training, and love that they need to find their furever homes.

Fostering is a temporary commitment, and boy is it a fulfilling one! From getting to watch animals grow up and learn important skills to getting to enjoy all of the awkward and hilarious things they do while learning, you truly get to have the best of both worlds! It’s only thanks to people like you who enable us to save lives and give each animal everything they need to succeed, give the gift of life this holiday season!

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