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Mandy & 12 puppies need your help

Last week, we put a call out to our HPA! family for a lifesaving foster. It wasn’t a small ask: a mama dog and her 11 one-week-old puppies. But because our family is amazing, a lifesaving foster stepped up to save this entire family. And, it turned out one puppy was hidden amongst them, and […]

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Save 2x the lives for Giving Tuesday

Are you ready to save TWICE the number of lives for Giving Tuesday?! Thanks to a generous donor, all gifts will be matched 100%, up to $25,000. That means your Giving Tuesday donation–and your lifesaving impact–is DOUBLED! Will you help turn a $25,000 goal into $50,000 to save cats, dogs, kittens, and puppies at risk […]

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Billie Jean – FHO surgery

Billie Jean is definitely a lover, but this outwardly smiley girl is suffering inside from hip pain and a lack of mobility because she has bone degradation likely due to either an old injury or a lack of blood supply to her femur. Following X-rays and multiple veterinary opinions, it has been determined that her best option is a Femoral Head Ostectomy (FHO) operation to remove bone-on-bone contact and restore pain-free mobility to her hip.

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