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Volunteer Spotlight: Suzanne Martin

Suzanne Martin of Houston, TX started volunteering with HPA! in April 2014, way back in our organization’s infancy! From the start, Suzanne has spearheaded cat care at our pet store partners, where she contributes so much more than just cat care! How did you originally hear about HPA!? My friend, Lin Phillips, started the Dunvale […]

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Featured Pet: Dobby

Dobby is a 1-year old lab mix and incredibly loyal. Just like his house elf namesake, he’s right by your side in times of need. He’s very playful and energetic and can get very excited! In fact, he likes cats a little too much, so a catless household would suit him best. Kids and other […]

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Featured Pet: Janice

Janice is a 7 year-old American bulldog mix, but a total puppy at heart! She LOVES to fetch, so much so that once she’s got the ball she’ll want to keep it forever… or at least until you throw another one!  In fact, she loves to play ball so much, her signature look is a […]

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Volunteer Spotlight: Emily Clark

Emily Clark of Houston, TX (Montrose) started volunteering with HPA! at the cat facility just days after Hurricane Harvey hit. Now, she’s transitioned from the cat facility to multiple volunteer areas, including fostering kittens, transporting cats and dogs, and store supervising as well as managing social media for HPA! Thrift. How did you originally hear […]

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Volunteer Spotlight: Lynn Pauwels

Lynn Pauwels of Houston, TX has been volunteering and fostering with HPA! since September 2017.  Starting out with dog care, Lynn is now a foster, volunteers at events and HPA! Thrift, assists behind the scenes answering emails and applications, and manages private HPA! Facebook groups. How did you originally hear about HPA!? Hurricane Harvey news. Why did […]

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Introducing Pennies for Pets

We’re seeking 100 people like you to pledge their Pennies for Pets. Not $100. Not $10. Not $1. Just pennies. HPA!’s “Pennies for Pets” program gives you the opportunity to round up your credit or debit purchases to the nearest dollar and donate the pennies to HPA! For example, when you spend $12.87, just $0.13 will […]

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Volunteer Spotlight: Beth Shoaf

Beth Shoaf of Richmond, TX (originally from Lafayette, IN), has volunteered with HPA! since just after Hurricane Harvey hit. Since, she has volunteered in almost every corner of HPA! and is now focusing her volunteer efforts in our medical clinic for surgeries. How did you originally hear about HPA!? I was out of state when […]

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14 Pups Need Your Help to Find Forever Homes in Washington!

If you can believe it, there are cities that simply don’t have the overabundance of available pets that we have here in Houston. Transport provides these precious pups with an opportunity to find their forever homes much quicker out-of-state. Rosie, Woody, Landon, Liberty, Morgan, Ameera, Jazzy Jane, Quinn, Sassy, Belle, Sherlock, Saul, Bro, and Nala […]

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