Nearly 3,000 lives saved in 2018!

Because of you, in 2018 Houston Pets Alive! saved nearly 3,000 lives from euthanasia. 2,932 to be exact!  That’s more than the combined number of lives HPA! has saved since inception in 2015, making the total number of HPA! lives saved an incredible 5,527.  Cheers to you!

You gave the gift of life to neonatal kittens and puppies and their nursing mothers, pets with illnesses like Parvo, distemper, ringworm, heartworm, and mange, dogs discriminated against because of their breed and cats because of their color, animals who simply needed a little TLC, and so many more.

You saved pets like Cleopatra, who suffered from a severe case of demodex mange and healed perfectly under HPA!’s care, Albert, who was kept locked in a storage unit, Seamus, who battled and overcame the often fatal Parvo virus, and Flan, who had a badly broken pelvis and leg that required amputation.

Every single cat and dog was given a new life because of you.  You saved Cleopatra.  You saved Albert.  You saved Seamus.  You saved Flan.

Will you commemorate every life saved with just $0.01 and pave the way to save thousands more in 2019?  

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