Arnie: An Adoption Success Story

by Jason W., adopter

“Arnie has come from living on the streets to a house full of toys, blankets, and treats! Prior to arriving at the municipal shelter, he was hit by a car and suffered a fractured pelvis. The accident left him incontinent and with a bit of a limp in his hind leg, but that didn’t slow him down. Thankfully, HPA! rescued him and helped nurse him back to health. HPA! also helped Arnie find a loving foster home, who we are so grateful for.

Arnie was in foster care for six months before we saw his profile on the website. We knew right away he would be the perfect fit for our family. We brought him home on Super Bowl Sunday and have enjoyed every minute since. He wears the cutest wraps for his incontinence and takes advantage of a little doggie ramp to get to his favorite place: the bed! He loves getting kissed from his big sister Daisy and getting belly rubs from his daddies. He had a rough start to life but he is truly living like a king now.

We cannot thank HPA! enough for giving Arnie the opportunity at a better life. When many other places would have given up on him or not given him a chance, HPA! was there for the rescue!”

To find your Arnie, click here.

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