Chloe: Did This Neonatal Make It?

“I remember it was a late night pickup on a Wednesday. I was notified there’s a singleton 3-week-old kitten in need, and I agreed to take her. Chloe was skinny, quiet, missing a couple patches of hair, covered with fleas, and most alarmingly NOT swallowing any KMR I offered her. I had to force feed her with syringe drip by drip, and managed to do this every 3-4 hours. Due to scare of ringworm, she had to be separated from other cats and humans. She just sat quietly in her basket and only came out to be fed, but she looked out from her enclosure with her big eyes. She seemed to enjoy getting to know her surroundings.


After two weeks of necessary force feeding, she started eating wet food on her own little by little. That was such a big moment in our memory. At that time, I knew she was going to make it! Soon she was allowed to play with other kittens I was fostering. She was a happy playmate. We have gradually fallen in love with this little kitten. Our resident cat usually didn’t like any other cat but she seemed to like Chloe. Who wouldn’t? She is just the most joyful, most precious silly girl! Even though we wanted to just foster, we eventually had to adopt her! Now we look forward to snuggling with her and playing with her everyday. We are so glad this girl found us!” -Hsaio-Lan W., Foster/Adopter


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