Fourth of July Pet Safety Tips

America’s favorite and loudest holiday is right around the corner. You’ve bought the fireworks, food, and patriotic outfits, but you’re not done with your holiday prep. Fireworks may be awe-inspiring to you, but they’re frightening to your pet, so be sure to take these extra precautions. More pets run away from home during this holiday than any other day.

1. Prepare for the worst

July is National Lost Pet Prevention Month. Make sure your family is prepared by renewing your microchips and updating your pet tags. In the event that your scared pet sneaks out of the house, current tags and microchips increase the likelihood of your pet making it home to you.

2. Don’t bring them to the fireworks

You may want to bring your pet to the fireworks show. Don’t. The loud noises, flashes of light, and huge crowds are often very stressful and even the most mild-mannered of dogs might react poorly. An indoor space with sound and light protection as well as things to occupy and distract the mind are best.

3. Find a quiet place

Certain areas or rooms in your home are probably more sound-proof than others. It might be an open crate or an interior room, closet, or a bathroom. If possible, try to set your pet up in one of these spots during the fireworks. Make sure the space is set up just right for your dog or cat. Make the space comfortable and try to limit exposure to outdoor noises and lights.

4. Drown out the sound

Turn on the TV or radio to drown out the sound, or give them a treat to keep them busy. If your dog or cat is calmed by the sound of classical music or cartoons, try having them on in the background to help drown out the booms of the fireworks. Keep the volume not too loud to be frightening on its own, but loud enough to mask the booms of the fireworks.

5. Keep fireworks and other hazardous material out of reach

The unfamiliar sights and sounds could make your pets curious. Keep an eye on your pets to make sure they don’t eat anything that could make them sick. This includes alcohol, charcoal, and more.

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