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Griffey the Miracle Dog

I promised myself that I wouldn’t take in another foster dog until after my sister’s September wedding. My previous foster dog, Kate Spade, was adopted in 13 days and I was still following the foster high that many of us feel when our babies are adopted to good homes.

Last week Jess sent me a picture of a black chihuahua set to be euthanized. I usually name the animals so I named him Griffey but for some reason he was really pulling on my heart strings. I repeated to myself that I wouldn’t foster until after my sister’s wedding.

For a couple of days Jess tried to find a foster for Griffey with no luck. Every day was ending and I knew Griffey was in the shelter, scared and alone. I was feeling guilt knowing that the roof that I am fortunate to have over my head would be the difference of life and death for Griffey. Finally, it was Thursday. We didn’t have an option for Griffey and I knew that the hurricane was coming and Griffey was still at the shelter. I knew that I couldn’t live with myself knowing that he was alone at the shelter and I had what he needed: a home. I knew Griffey needed me. I asked Jess to find someone who could bring Griffey to Ready Pet and I would take him home with me.

Melissa, one of our awesome foster moms, picked Griffey up from the shelter and brought him to Ready Pet. He was terrified and smelled awful. I took him in my car and gave him several baths at home. In the last couple of days he has stopped being terrified and hascuddled right up to my dog, an HPA alum, Jackie.

I would be lying to everyone if I said that I didn’t have doubts taking Griffey in. I’ve been in Houston for a year and have never experienced a hurricane. However, I knew that I was the difference between life and death for Griffey. Please, if y’all have a home, foster a dog. Try to spread good fortune when you have it. Griffey is safe, dry, and cuddling with Jackie as I type this. I hope everyone will find it in their hearts to foster. You are the difference between life and death.

Guest Post by Andrea, Houston Pets Alive Foster Parent
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