Help! Seuss Needs Shoulder Surgery!


Seuss is a cute 2 year-old hound mix, and he has OCD.  No, not the kind you’re thinking, but Osteochondritis Dissecans, a painful congenital cartilage disorder and inflammatory condition that occurs when diseased cartilage separates from the underlying bone. Seuss also has some muscle atrophy where his OCD is in his right shoulder.

The good news? Seuss has an adopter waiting for him! The bad news? Seuss needs surgery to remove cartilage to prevent further damage to the joint, decrease inflammation, and decrease pain. The worse news?  Seuss’ surgery will cost upwards of $5,000!

Seuss needs your help to get the surgery to overcome his OCD! Will you donate to save Seuss’ shoulder and send him to his forever home?

*Any donations raised over the goal will be allocated towards HPA!’s medical fund to help future pets in need.*

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