New Foster Mom Takes On Bottle-Fed Babies

Berri Moffett had never formally fostered before, but she loves helping animals and knew fostering was a vital step in getting animals into their forever homes. So Berri decided to join the Houston Pets Alive! (HPA!) family.

Talk to any foster parent, and they’ll tell you it is the most challenging and rewarding thing they have ever done. Berri was up for the challenge! As her first formal foster, she recently took on six orphaned kittens who needed to be bottle-fed to survive.

“Of the six kittens I have right now, only one is a girl,” Berri said. “She is tiny ginger cat with white socks. She almost died the very first night we got her, and had a long recovery. She is a real fighter and never lets her brothers push her around despite the fact they are way larger. She is going to be a great companion for someone!”

This traumatic but heartwarming story proves fostering saves lives, and reinforced to Berri the hard work she’s doing pays off. Now, Berri is worried she may become a foster fail! But she plans to be a part of the HPA! community for a long time to come.

“Fostering for Houston Pets Alive! has been a wonderful experience,” Berri said. “I love the sense of community that exists among all the volunteers and fosters.”

Berri, dedicated to finding forever homes for her kittens, wrote up incredible introductions on all of her babies. Let’s meet them:

Meet Citrine

Citrine is the smallest of the litter, but she is no pushover. She is a brave kitten with a big voice – small but mighty! Citrine loves to explore and wrestle, and enjoys string toys and toys with feathers. She has huge eyes she hasn’t quite grown into. She is very cuddly and purrs intensely when sitting on your chest or lap. Because of her smaller size, Citrine may need to wait a little longer before going to her forever home.

Meet Flint

Flint is the gentlest soul, and would fit great in a house with an older adult. He has very soft fur, and loves to cuddle – he’s like a teddy bear. This doesn’t mean he isn’t playful and curious – he does everything other kittens do, he is just a little less intense about it. Flint enjoys toys on a string and watching fish.

Meet Basalt

Basalt is active and affectionate, and he enjoys belly rubs. He has a little white jewel spot on his neck and curious eyes. Basalt loves ball toys and packing paper. He loves exploring every nook and cranny, so a cat tower or maze boxes would be a great way to keep him busy and happy.

Meet Jasper (Adoption Pending)

Jasper is an outgoing and playful boy. His orange tabby color is highlighted by an adorable white mask around his face. He will romp all over the house and then appear suddenly for some intense cuddling. He has a powerful purr! Jasper loves to chew and tug on string toys.

Meet Mica (Adoption Pending)

Mica is like an anime kitten. He has an adorable baby face with sweet eyes. Mica is a bouncy boy with a gentle disposition. He purrs constantly, and loves just about any toy you put in front of him. He is very affectionate and loves to hang out with his people.

Meet Geode (Adoption Pending)

Geode is a brave and playful kitten. He loves to be with you wherever you go. He loves chasing his siblings and climbing, so a home with other cats and a cat tree would make him very happy! Geode also loves sunbeams, and to cuddle next to you on the couch with his motor going when he is tired.

If you would like to express interest in adopting any of Berri’s kittens, please fill out an application at https://www.houstonpetsalive.org/adopt/.

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In the meantime, thank you, Berri! Your willingness to take on bottle-fed kittens as your first formal foster is testament to how many lives you’re going to save throughout your entire foster journey. We look forward to working with you for a long-time to come!

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