The Wonders of Fostering Bottle Babies, by a Foster

“I answered a post asking for bottle baby kitten fosters.  A few hours later I was on my way to BARC to pick up a litter of 2-day old kittens! Bottle feeding around the clock was hard at first, but as they grew stronger and I grew more confident I fell in love with not just all of the kitties but with the process too! We couldn’t wait for their eyes to open (it’s very funny when just one eye opens – little pirate!) and it was so fun to see watch their little personalities come through. Who wanders off first only to cry for sibling to come with her? Who just wants to cuddle up with us for a nap?  Who wants to play with the dog’s tail? Being those kitties’ mommy was such an honor, so of course I had to keep one!
Little Nunu stayed with us and the others were adopted by friends and through HPA!’s pet stores.  I’ve had back-to-back litters (there was one more “foster fail” in there that I adopted!). I can’t wait to save some more lives when kitten season starts up again this year!  It’s truly a blessing to have them in my house and watch my kids love on them, helping make them wonderful forever pets for another lucky family. I’ll never stop doing it!” ~Lori, Neonatal Foster

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