Why You Should Adopt a Senior During National Adopt a Senior Pet Month

When people think about adopting a pet, usually a cute, big-eyed puppy or kitten comes to mind–but what about the older dogs and cats who also need loving homes? This November, for National Adopt a Senior Pet Month, Houston Pets Alive! urges you to remember the seniors!

Why adopt a senior pet? Senior pets have a harder time finding homes because potential adopters don’t realize just how great senior pets can be. Don’t just take our word for it–our HPA! community agrees! Here’s what they had to say:


“Senior dogs are the best. They are way over the crazy puppy stage and just want a quiet home to live out the rest of their lives. Shelters are full of senior dogs who are overlooked because ‘everyone wants a puppy.’ When you adopt a senior, you are saving a life!” – Lori

Senior dogs just want love. They are past the puppy phase and are generally eager to please. They don’t ask for a lot and just want to rest easy in a forever home. They are usually more loyal and obedient.” – Kerri

“They are super loyal and will love you to the moon and back!” – Cheryl

They love to snuggle! – Shane

Their love will have no boundaries!” – Brenda

“Seniors are super chill and what you see is what you get.” – Allison

They don’t chew and are potty trained! They’re just so happy to be under your roof.” – Karen


“They are wiser than us. They have a special place in their hearts for us. We can give them the BEST life for the rest of theirs.” – Jul

“My senior has been a breeze to integrate into my home life. She is old enough to deal with changes in routine, and already trained so well that I had no trouble making her comfortable and happy in my home. Plus, I still get the reward of having her get comfortable with me and learn to love and trust a caregiver again after spending so much time in shelters. It’s a tremendous feeling.” – Jon

“Providing that true “to the end” forever home after other homes haven’t panned out for one reason or another is the most rewarding of feelings. You can look into their eyes and without a doubt positively say ‘you’re finally home.’ – Candice

“Seniors have seen it all and experienced it all. They are much calmer and just want to relax with you and love you forever. They’re the biggest cuddle bugs and will follow you wherever you go. They’re over the puppy stage of teething and accidents. They already walk well on a leash (slower and more relaxed) and usually know more commands and terms than you realize. They are usually more tolerant of people, children, and other dogs, and even cats. They don’t really beg and hardly ever jump in your face. But they will curl up beside you. They’re much quieter than puppies and not as messy. They are often overlooked because of their age, but don’t be fooled because many senior pups still have plenty of years left to love you unconditionally and shower you with kisses. Many seniors still have a very playful side too and would enjoy a game of fetch or tug of war or a nice walk around the neighborhood. Because of their age, seniors have more experience dealing and coping with human emotions. Seniors have spent so many more years than puppies learning how to love and looking for their forever home and family. They want to join your human pack desperately. Please give a senior pup a chance. Save a life today. Save a senior pup!” – Cynthia

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