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Dolly’s CT Scan Results

Thanks to your generous donations, a CT scan was recently performed on Dolly to help determine the cause of her constant nose bleeding and various other symptoms. While her nose bleeding seems to have somewhat subsided, the CT scan identified a large mass in her sinus.  A great sample was biopsied and sent to the […]

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Dolly Waits Patiently for CT Scan

Dolly continues to have a constant nose bleed, the official cause of which is still unconfirmed. Her pathology came back inconclusive, so a CT Scan this week or next will be the determining factor in figuring out if she has a cancerous tumor. While she is under, a deeper sample may be obtained for another […]

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Ten Reasons To Adopt Two Cats

We don’t have to tell you that adding a cat to your family is an incredibly rewarding experience, but have you ever though about doubling the fun? Two kitties are better than one and we have 10 reasons why: 10. Cats help lower risk of severe health problems. 9. One cat can become lonely and […]

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Fourth of July Pet Safety Tips

America’s favorite and loudest holiday is right around the corner. You’ve bought the fireworks, food, and patriotic outfits, but you’re not done with your holiday prep. Fireworks may be awe-inspiring to you, but they’re frightening to your pet, so be sure to take these extra precautions. More pets run away from home during this holiday than […]

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New Distemper Treatment Shows Promise

There’s a new treatment for distemper helping dogs across the nation and more locally at Houston Pets Alive! It’s Vitamin C. That’s right the same vitamin that helps you fight a cold is being used to treat distemper with promising results. Vitamin C is an important constituent in cellular functions; without it there is cellular […]

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Houston comes together to save ill pup

A dog that had barely reached her first birthday was fighting for her life, again. We had already saved her from imminent euthanasia at a local municipal animal shelter, but now we needed to save her from illness. After we noticed Daisy having trouble breathing and eating, we rushed her to the animal hospital. Veterinarians […]

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