Help kittens see a brighter future

Eight very sick kittens were found ABANDONED at an apartment complex, and they need your help.

Today, two litters of tiny, sick kittens were found without their mothers, abandoned at an apartment complex. There are eight kittens total, some of them weighing less than a pound, and all of them squinting through layers of dried tears and discharge. All of these kittens are suffering from severe upper respiratory infections, malnourishment, and experiencing acute pain.

Our clinic staff immediately jumped in and gave them all fluids, food, water, and warm blankets. A few are hanging on by a thread and need to be monitored constantly to be sure they make it through the night. The kittens are riddled with infections, and one of them may even lose an eye due to the infection’s severity.

These kittens need your support to continue to receive around-the-clock care to get a fresh start and a healthy future.

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