Saving even more lives with shelter saves

WARNING: Graphic Content

Did you know that HPA! is a trusted resource and leader in our community to help end pet homelessness and help more animals out of shelters and into loving homes? With your donation today we can save more lives immediately.

Our shelter saves program aims to empower struggling shelters to overcome their challenges, improve their animal care services, and increase their capacity to save more lives. By leveraging the expertise and support provided through this program, shelters can become more sustainable and successful in protecting and finding loving homes for animals in need.

In the last month we helped four Houston area shelters with capacity issues and took in over 80 cats and kittens and many many dogs that may not have had a chance to find loving homes.  Many of these dogs, like Ranger (top left), Hope (right), and Toby, formerly Lucky (bottom left), had medical issues that needed immediate attention and because of your support we were able to rescue them!  

Our medical costs have skyrocketed and the need never ends…are you able to help dogs like Ranger, Lucky, and Hope find their happy ending?

Yesterday we saved Toby, from being euthanized. He had a severe eye injury and we soon learned that his jaw was also broken on both sides. He is a young pup and we could tell he wanted to smile and get some loving despite being in severe pain. It’s difficult to think about what could have happened for him to get this way.

After taking X-rays to assess the severity of his jaw injuries, our incredible medical team performed an enucleation to remove his unrecoverable eye. He is now safe with a loving foster who has to help feed him, give him water, and keep him comfortable while we get him ready for a specialist to review his jaw.

Sadly, Toby is just one of thousands of dogs with stories like this every single day. We do our best to save as many as we can, but we can only do so with your help.

HPA!’s medical costs continue to rise. Will you make a donation so that we can continue saving lives like Toby?

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