Pennies for Pets

We’re seeking 100 people like you to pledge their Pennies for Pets. Not $100. Not $10. Not $1. Just pennies.

HPA!’s “Pennies for Pets” program gives you the opportunity to round up your credit or debit purchases to the nearest dollar and donate the pennies to HPA! For example, when you spend $12.87, just $0.13 will be rounded up and donated to HPA! Sign up once, set it, and forget it, and know that every purchase you make saves cats and dogs from euthanasia!

Get the full details and become a Penny Pledger here.

Make your Pennies for Pets go even further by setting up your own fundraiser for HPA! Once you’re set up as a Penny Pledger, go to this link to create your own fundraiser to raise funds and recruit more Penny Pledgers for HPA! Every penny counts!

Questions? Need help? Email fundraise@houstonpetsalive.org.

THANK  YOU, Active Penny Pledgers!


Mary McNaught Kimberly Morris Shane Axcell Suyen Roa
Melissa Frazier Eva Quearry Siobhan Malone Donna Gonzales
Dennice Wilson Cindy Anaya Amber Lozano Candace Gordon
Diana Ortiz Betsy Riley Candice Trotter Rebecca Weiner
Anna Crockett Julia Morales