HPA Volunteer

Do you want to help save lives? We have the perfect place for you! Join the Houston Pets Alive team and help homeless dogs and cats find their forever homes.


Three easy steps to get started:

1. Fill out our volunteer application.

2. Wait for an email from our volunteer coordinator with more information

3. Begin volunteering in whatever area you choose! We can’t wait to have you.

*Volunteers must be 12 years or older. Volunteers ages 12-17 must be accompanied by and under the direct supervision of a parent or legal guardian. Volunteers must be 14 years and older to help with cat care and 18 or older to walk dogs.  We have many other tasks that minors can partake in including cleaning dog crates, washing bowls, creating enrichment toys and many more. All volunteers must provide a drivers license number, signature and emergency contact. Thank you for wanting to volunteer!


What volunteer positions are available?

Volunteer at the Shelter: Houston Pets Alive in collaboration with Austin Pets Alive has set up a temporary shelter to intake animals at risk of euthanasia. The shelter serves as a safe place for them to stay until they are transferred to other no-kill rescue groups. We need volunteers to help care for the dogs and cats during their stay!
Email: Volunteer@HoustonPetsAlive.org

Volunteer at Pet Store Adoption Events: Assist at offsite adoption events by engaging with the public and facilitating in adoptions between potential adopters and our dogs and cats. Time commitment: 4 hour minimum per month
Email: Adopt@HoustonPetsAlive.org

On-Site Shelter Adoption Counselors: Assist in processing adoptions at our shelter. Be the one who makes forever families happen. This position involves helping families through the paperwork that comes with adopting a pet from the shelter. It is also a great opportunity to talk with adopters and answer all questions they may have about adopting a pet.
Email: Adopt@HoustonPetsAlive.org

Cattery Volunteers in Pet Stores: Assist in caring for and socializing our cats living at the cat condos in local pet stores. Process adoptions if the public is interested in making one of the cats a permanent member of their family.
Email: DunvaleCattery@HoustonPetsAlive.org

Foster Coordinators: Act as the liaison between the shelter and our foster families by posting foster pleas, processing new foster home applications and coordinating transportation. Time commitment: 2 hour minimum per week
Email: Foster@HoustonPetsAlive.org

Development Coordinators: Identify and implement sponsorship and donation programs. Time commitment: 1 hour minimum per week
Email: Andrea@HoustonPetsAlive.org

Have ideas not listed above? We’d love to hear from you! Email Volunteer@HoustonPetsAlive.org for other volunteer opportunities.