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Nearly 3,000 lives saved in 2018!

Because of you, in 2018 Houston Pets Alive! saved nearly 3,000 lives from euthanasia. 2,932 to be exact!  That’s more than the combined number of lives HPA! has saved since inception in 2015, making the total number of HPA! lives saved an incredible 5,527.  Cheers to you! You gave the gift of life to neonatal kittens […]

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Poor Seamus was stranded outside and now has Parvo, a potentially deadly disease

Seamus’ previous owners had kept him outside, never provided any veterinary care, and waited until Seamus could no longer even stand before finally surrendering him to BARC. Seamus ended up on the euthanasia list, and we pulled him right off it to save his life.  His life, however, was–and is–still in jeopardy. Seamus is sick […]

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Help Binky See Again!

Can you imagine losing your eyesight?! Binky, HPA!’s dear chihuahua mix, has cherry eye, bilateral corneal ulcers, decreased tear production, and probable infections.  Our on-staff veterinarian has treated Binky as much as she can thus far, with surgery being the likely next step.  However, before HPA! treats Binky with surgery, we need an ophthalmologist to […]

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