Anubis needs your help to walk painlessly again

Anubis was originally brought to our friends and partner, Jacinto City Pound, by a good samaritan who found her on the side of the road. She was in pain and unable to walk, with injuries to both left legs as well as her head. She was covered in wounds and bruises and after veterinary evaluation was diagnosed with a cerebral hemorrhage and severe nerve damage to her left front leg, all of which was sadly indicative of abuse.

We were able to take Anubis into our care for ongoing treatment and monitoring. Recently, Anubis was evaluated by our on-staff vet who removed her bandages and stapled shut her wounds. While she is already recovering from her head trauma, and we are optimistic that her rear leg will heal well, the nerve damage to her left front leg means that amputation is her best option. She has no sensation in that leg, and it just drags behind her when she walks.

Despite the untold violence and pain that Anubis has experienced, she is a happy, affectionate girl being cared for by an attentive and experienced foster. We can’t take away the suffering she has experienced, likely at the hands of evil, but with your help we can heal her and find her a safe and loving forever family.

Will you help Anubis walk painlessly again and become the goddess she is meant to be?


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