What is P.A.S.S.?

Welcome to Houston Pets Alive!’s P.A.S.S. Program – your gateway to Positive Alternatives to Shelter Surrender! We understand that life circumstances can sometimes pose challenges for pet owners, and our goal is to provide compassionate solutions that keep pets and their families together. The P.A.S.S. Program is designed to offer support, resources, and guidance, empowering individuals to overcome obstacles and maintain the unbreakable bond with their beloved pets as well as share pets around Houston that are looking for their furever home.

At Houston Pets Alive!, we believe in fostering a community where every pet can thrive, and we’re committed to creating positive outcomes for both pets and their human companions. Explore the possibilities, discover alternatives, and embark on a journey of keeping families intact with our P.A.S.S. Program.

If you’ve recently found an animal, please follow the guide on next steps on our resource page here.

Rehoming Courtesy Listings

The pets below are not HPA! animals but are from community members looking to rehome them. If you are interested in adopting an animal that is listed, please click their link and follow the prompts. This listing serves as a courtesy for individuals seeking to rehome their pets and for animal lovers in search of new furever furiends. Houston Pets Alive! assumes no responsibility for any health conditions or behavioral issues that may be present in the listed animals.

Need Help Rehoming a Pet?

Please review our resources and contact community@houstonpetsalive.org to see how we can best support you.