Lives Saved

Houston Pets Alive! measures success in the tail wags of the animals in our care!


Houston Pets Alive! (HPA!) works with BARC (the City of Houston), Harris County Animal Control, and other shelters and impounds to save the animals that have no other options. HPA! is the last chance for so many of Houston’s most vulnerable homeless pets.

Success Stories

iggy IGGY:
“We are proud new dog owners! Iggy has bonded with our entire family incredibly well. I have 4 children, varying ages, and we all love him. We are very satisfied with our choice to adopt a dog rather than buying one. Iggy fits in great with our crazy life. We are happy knowing your organization saved him.”  – Iggy’s mom
These two adorable kittens were adopted from PetSmart and are living the good life with their forever mom! For all the Harry Potter fans out there, they are being renamed “Trelawny and Spout”. #MischiefManaged
spike SPIKE:
Spike, now Liam, was adopted and he couldn’t be happier. He and his mommy Kirsten are very happy together. He even has a doggy sibling!Thank you so much Kirsten for giving Spike the life he deserves. #Adopt
These two boys were recently returned to HPA after being found wandering the streets. We’re very happy to report that these two brothers found a new home TOGETHER. Their new names are Astro and Arnie and they have a loving new mom and dad. Congratulations boys!
Mimi (formerly Barrel) is the sweetest little chunk cat I’ve ever encountered. I rescued my dog and her cat brother pippin, and they are like a little animal family den of love.” –Annaka
lucy LUCY:
“I brought Lucy home on October 1. When we first met, she could barely walk on a leash, was afraid of her own shadow and didn’t want to engage with other dogs. Now she loves long walks around the neighborhood, afternoons at the dog park (she is quite the social butterfly) and relaxing on the couch with her favorite deer antler. She’s the light of my life and I can’t imagine life without her. ” -Amanda, Lucy’s Mom
jj JJ:
Astro, now known as JJ, is doing amazing in his forever home! This sweet boy went through a lot as a puppy and is doing amazing in his forever home. He absolutely loves his backyard and his brother Willy. Thank you so much to JJ’s family for giving him such an amazing home!
“We are still so happy to be “foster fails” with Miss Cali! She wiggled her way into our hearts and we couldn’t be happier with her. We tell her all the time she’s probably never had it so good. Spoiled rotten doggie! Thank you Houston Pets Alive! for giving us our Cali Bear!”
-Natalie, Cali’s Mom
charliezoe CHARLIE & ZOE:
Charlie was adopted from Houston Pets Alive last year and now Zoe has joined the family! These two sweeties were adopted by roommates and are now best friends forever.
sammhy SAMMY:
After a long time being a part of the Cattery family, we are excited to announce that SAMMY WAS ADOPTED! This super sweet kitty went to a wonderful family and now has two human sisters.