Keep families together with microchips

“I can’t find Mom. I don’t know where I am. I don’t recognize these people. I’m scared. I’m getting hungry. Is my family coming to find me?”

When Charlie slips out of her leash or bolts out the front door, it happens in an instant. If it was your beloved furbaby, can you imagine the paralyzing fear they would go through?

YOU are their everything, and if they can’t find you, their world becomes a very scary place.

There are many ways the story can go, but a microchip can mean the difference between a safe return home and a second round in the shelter system… or worse.

Can you spare just $10 to help keep dogs and cats safe and secure for their entire life?

If we reach our $8,000 goal, hundreds of HPA! pets’ microchips will be covered for the rest of the year!

Please make sure the animals YOU have saved from shelter euthanasia lists don’t end up back there. They are finding their happily ever afters. Only you can keep it that way!

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