Pollock and O’Keeffe need your help to recover from the streets

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UPDATE 2: Pollock and O’Keeffe have been adopted and are now in loving, forever homes!

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UPDATE 1: For all of you following Pollock and O’Keeffe’s medical journey, they are feeling much better and have doubled in weight at a hefty 5 pounds each! They are becoming the energetic, wiggly, and playful puppies they are meant to be. But, they’re also nearly bald – the skin condition they had when we saved them turned out to be scabies, so while they are healing, they have lots of hair loss and are still very itchy. They also have an upper respiratory infection (URI), which is being treated. Can you help continue their recovery? Every donation helps!

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Pollock and O’Keeffe were on the verge of death just four days ago. A good samaritan found them on the side of the road with two other siblings, Hesse and Magritte. All four were starving, dehydrated, anemic from fleas and worms, and suffering from diarrhea, vomiting, and skin issues due to their poor conditions.

Luckily, we were able to place these puppies into the home of an experienced HPA! medical foster who provided subcutaneous fluids, antibiotics, antiemetics, dewormer, vitamins, syringe feedings, and nutritional supplements.

Still, it has been an uphill battle for these puppies to recover, and sadly Hesse and Magritte did not make it through the first 24 hours. Pollock and O’Keeffe also struggled at first, but they have made huge improvements over the last few days. The have overcome all odds and are eating and gaining weight!

While things are looking up, both pups still have some medical issues of their own. Pollock has bad hair loss and a skin issue and O’Keeffe has an infected injury on her leg, which makes it difficult to walk. Both will require more specified treatment in addition to their ongoing recovery.

Will you please help Pollock and O’Keeffe heal and become the happy-go-lucky pups they are meant to be?!


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