Tesla needs an echocardiogram for her heart

When little Tesla was anesthetized for her spay surgery, her heart unexpectedly could not handle the stress, unbeknownst to our medical team. The next day she presented in an emergent state with congestive heart failure, which was diagnosed by X-ray. She was provided high doses of a diuretic, which stabilized her.

We learned that Tesla was born with a heart condition that caused her heart to develop abnormally large and not work as efficiently as it should: she has “occult heart disease,” meaning, it is hidden. Therefore, she does not have a heart murmur, which is why nothing seemed wrong upon pre-surgical examination.

Tesla’s heart will be enlarged for life, which does predispose her to having issues with congestive heart failure in the future. She will need to have periodic evaluations, including ultrasounds of her heart, to see how she responds to medication.

So far, Tesla’s medical costs have totaled around $200 already, but we really need her to get an echocardiogram and specialized evaluation to determine if she has additional medical needs, which can cost upwards of $800. And of course, she will have ongoing care.

Can you help us raise at least $1,000 for Tesla’s echocardiogram and care?


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