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Hurricane Harvey



Houston has been devastated from Hurricane Harvey. For HPA! and the city of Houston, the repercussions of this hurricane will last for weeks, if not months. If you are able to help, please see the below list of items currently needed at HPA!.

  1. In-Kind Donations. If possible, we deeply appreciate any financial donations at this time.  By providing a financial donation, you will allow us to ensure that we can purchase the supplies that we need, when we need them.  It will also help us provide the best possible care for the new animals that we are taking in. The care for these animals doesn’t stop once the hurricane is over, and we are in dire need of financial support to continue care for our new pups and cats. Donating through the link below will help us save as many lives as possible (secure donations through PayPal). 


  2. Fosters: We are in DESPERATE need of local foster homes in the aftermath of this crisis. Whether you can foster until adoption or house a pet for a few nights, please consider opening your home. Learn how to foster here or email if you have any questions about saving shelter pets in need! If you aren’t already a foster, please fill out the quick application and our foster teams will be in touch. We will continue to need fosters as we bring in more and more animals.
  3. Adopt: In order to free up foster homes, we need to get some of our amazing adoption-ready pets into their forever homes! Wonderful dogs are looking for forever families. Check out adoptable pets here or email if you have any questions about any of our adoptable pets. If you can’t adopt, ask your friends and family if they are looking to add some love.
  4. Supply Donations: Supply donations can be dropped off (from 9am-6pm) and shipped to 8616 Stella Link Rd. Houston, TX 77025. Please bring donations INSIDE do not leave items outside. 
    • Top Current Needs:
      1. Kongs
      2. Peanut Butter and Kong Easy Treat
      3. Bully Sticks
      4. Cat condos/ bedding
      5. Step stools
      6. White, fold up tables
      7. Donated (not loaned) Medium & Large Wire Dog Crates
      8. Sheets (can be used)
      9. Bath & Beach Towels (can be used)
      10. Aluminum Food Bowls
      11. Styrofoam Bowls
      12. Dog & Cat Food (meat as 1st ingredient)
      13. Wet Canned Cat Food
      14. Litter (clumping and non-clumping)
      15. Aluminum Baking Pans for litter boxes
      16. Cleaning Supplies: trash bags, bleach, paper towels, dog poop bags, Clorox wipes, sponges, hand brooms/dust pans, litter scoopers, mops, mop buckets, and push brooms
      17. Leashes (all size- flat)
      18. Martingale Colors (all size)
  5. Transportation Volunteers: Update: Due to the high volume of transport applications coming in, we will only be reaching out if we need you to help transport. Thank you! If you can help with transport, please fill out our online form here. Please be patient while we process offers and coordinate with those in need.
  6. Animal Shelter Volunteers: We have set up a temporary shelter to take in animals. We are very much in need of volunteers to help us care for them. Please fill out an application here if you can help!
  7. Divert pets from shelters: If you find a pet, we encourage you to please hold the pet, whether that’s in a crate, bathroom, or spare bedroom. The shelter will be inundated with lost animals; the more pets we can divert from the shelter the better. Steps to take if you find an animal:
    • Please look for the owner first and contact number on tags
    • Post a photo and description of the pet on your neighborhood apps, social media, Pawboost (reserve a key identifiable trait so ownership can be verified; ask for photos)
    • Take to a vet to scan for a chip (most vets will scan for free)
    • If you cannot hold, ask a friend or family member to hold temporarily until a rescue, transport or foster can be secured
    • Additional resources can be found here.

Thank you so much for your support in this difficult time.