Dobby: The most severe case of malnutrition/starvation

Dobby is fighting to survive

Found on the side of a road, a helpless soul was fighting for its life – a severely starving dog in dire need of immediate assistance. This innocent creature, now named Dobby, needs our support now.

Dobby is currently in our custody and has survived the first night which is a positive sign, but he will require months of 24/7 rehabilitation and care, as his current weight of 12 pounds is half of what his normal weight would be. This is the most severe case of malnutrition/starvation ever witnessed at our facility. 

Dobby’s condition is heart-wrenching. He is emaciated, weak, and struggling to stand. It’s evident that he has endured unimaginable suffering. Without a clinic onsite we are outsourcing these medical costs as well as all the animals we are caring for.  HPA! is over capacity but we knew he needed to be given a chance to survive and hopefully thrive.

Donate now and help us give this severely starving dog the chance to wag its tail again, to experience love, and to thrive. Let’s prove that humanity’s compassion knows no bounds.

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