HPA! Emergency Evacuation

Just over an hour ago we were alerted to a dangerous electrical system issue affecting our facility. As the dedicated staff of Houston Pets Alive! stay in spite of the danger in order to safely and quickly evacuate all animals from the building and potential danger, we need your thoughts, prayers, and support.

Some of the animals housed on site are special and those we work with most closely. Dogs with medical conditions like Jesus, who you so caringly supported during Easter, Lady Luck, who is has been working on her night time anxiety, or precious Lorelai the cat, who recently came to us from a shelter partner.

These dogs and cats are ready for foster homes and the need for fosters is NOW, before 5pm – are you able to open your heart and home and become a foster to a shelter dog or cat? We know many of you are unable to foster, and want to support in other ways. You can make a donation below or visit our wishlist to help.

Currently, we will be out of our facility for at least 48-72 hours which means canceling all appointments at our low-cost wellness vet clinic and therefore losing much needed revenue that supports our rescue animals. Additionally, we will now have to pay out of pocket to continue the ongoing medical care of the hundreds of pets in our programs. The situation is out of our control and now more than ever we appreciate all the loving and kind support we receive from our community.

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