Giblets – cherry eye & sialocele

Poor little Giblets is having a really rough time, inside and out. As if being heart worm positive wasn’t enough to deal with, he has a pretty gnarly cherry eye and, most obviously, is suffering from a sialocele (salivary gland cyst).

Cherry eyes are relatively common and are caused by inflammation and prolapse of the eyelid. Sialoceles, on the other hand, are less common and can occur without an identifiable cause. However, they are often a result of physical trauma. With a blocked salivary gland, saliva cannot flow and ends up accumulating in the surrounding tissue, which causes the sialocele. Though sialoceles are typically benign, they often bring pain, inflammation, and interference with eating.

We don’t know Giblets’ history, but we do know that he needs lots of help and FAST! Will you help Giblets get the surgeries, treatments, and after care he needs?

Please, help Giblets heal!


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