Gwen, Twix, Denali & Jimmy’s medical bills

We’ve had a handful of medical cases on our hands (warning, some medically graphic photos here). It’s all part of the job to get our babies ready for their forever homes, and we’ll do whatever they need, but it doesn’t make their journeys any easier. Unfortunately, it also doesn’t come for free.

These four babies have had quite the journey recently.

Gwen (kitty) and Twix (pup) both had broken legs completely beyond repair. Between their exams, imaging, amputation surgeries, and after care, their medical bills came in at a whopping $1,274.

But, it doesn’t end there.

Denali had eyelid agenesis, meaning her upper eyelids were not properly developed and her eyelashes were growing the wrong way, causing severe inflammation and discomfort/pain. Her care and corrective surgery cost $450.
Lastly, poor Jimmy had a severe underbite that caused his lower canines to impact his upper palate; in fact he had already lost one upper canine, and the other was desiccating (drying out/going bad). He required extraction of his three remaining canines to ensure no further damage to his gums. Jimmy’s surgery cost $302.

Luckily, these 4 babies are on the recovery side of things. But now the bills are due: $2,026!!

Please, can you help us cover the cost of giving these sweet furbabies the health and comfort they deserved and help them heal?


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