Kakashi – notoedric mange aka scabies

Poor Kakashi came to us with the WORST case of notoedric mange (aka feline scabies) our vet has ever seen, and he needs your help to heal!

Scabies is a highly contagious parasitic skin disease appearing as scabby, scaly skin from infection by a feline mite, which you can see in the microscopic image. Itching and crusting usually begin around the ears, progress to the face, and if left untreated, cover the cat’s entire body. As you can see, Kakashi’s ears and face are COMPLETELY infected. Poor baby is only six weeks old!

Kakashi’s infection is SO bad that he can’t even open his eyes. We are also monitoring him closely due to a concern of sepsis.

So far, Kakashi has been treated with pain medication, broad spectrum antibiotics, skin softeners, fluids, vitamins, and treatment for the mites themselves. But it’s going to take a LOT for Kakashi to recover.

Can you help Kakashi heal? Every donation helps!


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