Meatball – dermatitis & mange

We recently saved four dogs together from a single shelter, and three of them have a trio of skin issues – dermatitis, demodectic mange (from mites), and fleas. Of the three, poor Meatball is suffering the worst.

Meatball has an especially severe case of dermatitis and will need extra time and resources to heal. He has been losing hair everywhere, is covered in flakey skin and scabs, and is constantly scratching himself until he bleeds. His entire body is swollen and irritated, especially his feet.

Once we had Meatball, he was seen by our amazing medical team (he especially loves vet tech Jo!) and was immediately started on medicated baths, steroids, antibiotics, and a topical anti-itch treatment. Like many of the dogs we save, he is not yet neutered, and he is also heart worm positive, but we will fully treat that too. He also has signs of an upper respiratory infection (URI), for which we have started treatment as well.

Meatball has a long road ahead with ongoing treatment for his skin infections, but with your help his recovery can be as comfortable as possible!

Will you help Meatball heal?


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