Severely Matted, Louie Is Desperate for Help

Today, we are reaching out with an urgent plea for a very special dog in dire need of your help: Louie, a senior Lhasa Apso mix who has faced severe neglect and has one of the worst cases of matting we have ever seen.

Louie’s story came to us through a desperate call for help from one of our partner shelters, and HPA! stepped in without hesitation. What we discovered was heartbreaking: Louie’s fur was so severely matted all over his body that it had completely covered his eyes and filled his ears, leaving him unable to see or hear, he only had a small opening by his mouth. Plus, his nails were so long they were growing back into his paws. Our medical team is determining his plan of care and the scope of his condition, but it is clear that the fear and pain he has endured are unimaginable.

This is where we turn to you, our wonderful community, for help. We don’t know what has happened in his past, but we do know that with your support, he can have the future he deserves, filled with love, safety, and family.

Louie’s journey will be an uphill battle, and we are still determining what that looks like, but your gift today can help transform his life from one of neglect to one of love and care. Together, we can make a difference in Louie’s life and thousands of others just like him.

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