Pet Parties & Adoption Events

Thank you for your interest in hosting an HPA! Pet Party & Adoption Event!

Due to COVID-19, Pet Parties & Adoption Events are indefinitely on hold.

HPA! receives multiple requests daily for off-site events involving adoptable pets.  While we would love to be able to accommodate all requests, at this time HPA! simply does not have the resources.

For a small “give or get” contribution, we will bring an agreed upon number of adoptable HPA! pets to your location for a maximum of four (4) hours.  If you’re looking for a great way to enhance your special occasion, create a rewarding atmosphere for employees, or simply show support for our rescue, a Pet Party & Adoption Event is sure to be a hit!

Please note, we do not permit outdoor events when the temperature is above 80 degrees, or below 60 degrees, without access to an indoor location as well.

Pet Party & Adoption Event minimum contribution: $500 for individuals; $1,000 for companies

You may either GIVE this amount, by donating upfront, or GET this amount by hosting an online fundraiser and crowdfunding through Facebook.

NOTE: If you choose to GIVE the full contribution amount, HPA! can accept payment via check, credit card, PayPal, or Facebook.

If you choose to GET the full contribution amount, you’ll need to set up a Facebook fundraiser with a $500/$1,000 (minimum) goal, and make a $100 donation deposit to the Facebook fundraiser. If you do not reach the minimum contribution amount of $500/$1,000 by your event date, you will be responsible for the remaining amount. (ex: $100 donation deposit on company FB fundraiser + $600 raised via FB fundraiser = $700. So $300 would be charged to your card after your event to meet your $1,000 minimum).

For your contribution, HPA! will provide the following for your event:

  • Pets (dogs or cats; it’s your choice) and all necessary accompaniments (water/food bowls, toys, enclosure, kennels, etc.)
    • No food or treats of any kind may be given to the animals during the event
  • HPA! event lead with info table
  • Facebook event, if public (either add your event to our calendar or create the event ourselves)
  • Event listing on our web calendar at houstonpetsalive.org.
  • 1 dedicated social post across HPA! Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts
  • *Note that for public events HPA! assists with marketing via the above, but does not guarantee any attendance.  Event promotion is the responsibility of the event host. If/when the event host promotes the event through a Facebook post, a “Donate Button” benefiting Houston Pets Alive! must be included.  Any donations made towards the “Donate Button” on Facebook posts will count toward the “get” contribution amount if applicable. Enhanced marketing on HPA!’s end can be discussed.

Donation deposits and general donations towards your event are non-refundable. HPA! cannot guarantee pets at your event, regardless of confirmation of the event.

To inquire about setting up a Pet Party & Adoption Event, please fill out the form here.

Note: Please try to inquire at least 15 business days prior to your desired event date.