On the second day of Giving, my good friend gave to me… Essential care for 2 kitties!

It’s time for the 12 Days of Giving Day 2, sponsored by Meadowlake Pet Resort! We have hundreds of cats in our program at any given time and they rely on the generosity of people like YOU to help give them the things they need and use every single day!

From kitties in foster, to the ones in our partner catteries, to those we take care of onsite, supplies for all of the kitties adds up quickly. We look after hundreds of these cuties everyday; today we’re asking you to help just two!

Our kitties love to snuggle up during the cozy season! Enriching their playtime with a fun toy, keeping them clean with refreshed litter, and getting them adoption ready with their spay/neuter surgeries tires them out and gets them in the perfect cuddle puddle mood! By giving a gift today, you can help save even more lives and help find these fur babies homes in time for the holidays!

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