On the fifth day of Giving, my good friend gave to me… Five ringworm pets!

Today for the 12 Days of Giving, Day 5 sponsored by Ollie, we’re covering the logistics of ringworm! Ringworm is an incredibly common fungal infection that many animals face, and while it is easy to treat, recovery can take a long time and can be expensive, especially when an entire litter of kitties or puppies get infected together! This means that in some cases, being ringworm positive can be a death sentence. HPA! knows that these animals deserve to find homes just like any other. We treat every single cat and dog who comes through our doors with ringworm and make sure that they each get the care that they need to heal and get adoption ready so they kind have their happy ending.

From topical treatments to medications, daily baths, and LOTS of laundry, caring for ringworm pets adds up, but it’s all for the animals and to give each of them a chance at life. Only because of people like you are we able to afford to save these lives!

It takes a full team to get ringworm pets back into a healthy state, from our incredible kennel techs, to our skilled medical staff, and our amazing fosters who continue treatment in their homes, it truly takes a village to help all of these pets and we are so lucky to have you as part of our HPA! family to help them too!

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