COVID-19 Coronavirus Announcement

Given the situation regarding the coronavirus outbreak, we wanted to inform you that HPA! is working diligently to keep our pets, volunteers, and staff healthy and safe. We are taking preventative measures to ensure that we have enough supplies to take proper care of our animals. Fortunately for HPA!, many of our volunteers and staff have experience in crisis care.
It is important to note that pets cannot contract COVID-19 themselves. However, all of us should practice sanitary precautions such as frequent handwashing, especially if you have been diagnosed with or have been in close proximity to the virus. Just as the virus can live on kitchen counters, other surfaces, or your hands for a short period of time, so can the virus live on pets’ fur for a short period of time.*
While we continue to prepare, we can always use additional support. If you are looking for ways to help HPA!, we are in need of more fosters (apply here), volunteers (apply here), liquid bleach, nitrile gloves, tiered kennels and crates, and DRY Purina Pro Plan dog and kitten/cat food (provide supplies here).
*If you hear about pets “contracting coronavirus,” please know that it is a different virus than COVID-19, which pets cannot contract. Additional information on feline and canine coronaviruses can be found at here and here.
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