Kittens Need YOU to Survive! Your Gift Today will be MATCHED!

When you hear the cries of hungry, motherless kittens, do you turn away?

Of course not!  You are different. You’re a person who believes that all animals deserve to live… and you dedicate yourself to that mission.

What if you could save 1,000 kittens and mother cats from euthanasia this kitten season?

That’s 1,000 hungry bellies fed, 1,000 spay/neuter surgeries performed, and 4,000 vaccines administered all because of your generosity!

The homeless and forgotten animals of Houston need you during this most critical time.

1,000 distressed kittens are calling out to you right now.

Your support not only gives life to these kittens but hope to the tens of thousands of Houston animals that find themselves on euthanasia lists every year.

And thanks to a generous donor, your donation today does twice the work! Gifts of all sizes will be MATCHED up to $20,000.

Can these animals depend on you today?

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