Nebula, her 9 puppies, and 15 kittens, need you to help them get spayed/neutered

Mama Nebula, her 9 adorable puppies, and 15 cute kittens are waiting their turn to be spayed and neutered today in our in-house surgery center, led by our amazing on-staff veterinarian, Dr. Amanda Hanna.

Spays/neuters are absolute vital surgeries to prevent unwanted pregnancies amongst the pet population. Houston Pets Alive! includes the spay/neuter surgery in its preparation to make a pet adoption-ready.  Every cat and dog that we save from euthanasia is spayed or neutered by Dr. Hanna (if not already).

While having an in-house clinic certainly reduces our overall medical expenses by eliminating the need to outsource services, our total average cost for a spay/neuter surgery is $72. Today, for Nebula, her 9 puppies, and 15 kittens, that means we need $1,800.

But we conduct surgeries three days per week. That means we need $5,400 to cover spay/neuter surgeries this week alone.

Will you sponsor Nebula’s, one of her puppies’, or a kitten’s spay/neuter surgery for just $72?

*Any donations raised above the goal will be allocated to help future pets in need*

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