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226,460 Strays Prevented

Our in-house surgery clinic is making a remarkable impact on Houston’s stray overpopulation problem! At Houston Pets Alive!, every animal is spayed or neutered by our team, and it costs us $71.25 per surgery. In 2019, spay/neuter surgeries amounted to a whopping total of $105,663.75. We need 2,000 animal lovers like you to sponsor a single surgery […]

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From the ED, December 2019

As 2019 winds down, think about what an important year this has been.  It was the start of a new chapter for HPA! when all your hard work and commitment paid off!! But 2020 is just days away and HPA! has a bright future ahead!  I hope you’re as excited as I am!  With your […]

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Nebula, her 9 puppies, and 15 kittens, need you to help them get spayed/neutered

Mama Nebula, her 9 adorable puppies, and 15 cute kittens are waiting their turn to be spayed and neutered today in our in-house surgery center, led by our amazing on-staff veterinarian, Dr. Amanda Hanna. Spays/neuters are absolute vital surgeries to prevent unwanted pregnancies amongst the pet population. Houston Pets Alive! includes the spay/neuter surgery in […]

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Volunteer Spotlight: Tacy Smith

Tacy Smith of Missouri City, TX has been a volunteer for Houston Pets Alive! Thrift since August 2018 when she read about the store’s opening in the newspaper, and she has since become a volunteer store supervisor!  How did you originally hear about HPA!? When purchasing items in PetSmart, I noticed HPA!’s cats, which were […]

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