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Nebula, her 9 puppies, and 15 kittens, need you to help them get spayed/neutered

Mama Nebula, her 9 adorable puppies, and 15 cute kittens are waiting their turn to be spayed and neutered today in our in-house surgery center, led by our amazing on-staff veterinarian, Dr. Amanda Hanna. Spays/neuters are absolute vital surgeries to prevent unwanted pregnancies amongst the pet population. Houston Pets Alive! includes the spay/neuter surgery in […]

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Volunteer Spotlight: Tacy Smith

Tacy Smith of Missouri City, TX has been a volunteer for Houston Pets Alive! Thrift since August 2018 when she read about the store’s opening in the newspaper, and she has since become a volunteer store supervisor!  How did you originally hear about HPA!? When purchasing items in PetSmart, I noticed HPA!’s cats, which were […]

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Volunteer Spotlight: Suzanne Martin

Suzanne Martin of Houston, TX started volunteering with HPA! in April 2014, way back in our organization’s infancy! From the start, Suzanne has spearheaded cat care at our pet store partners, where she contributes so much more than just cat care! How did you originally hear about HPA!? My friend, Lin Phillips, started the Dunvale […]

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