Poor Seamus was stranded outside and now has Parvo, a potentially deadly disease

Seamus’ previous owners had kept him outside, never provided any veterinary care, and waited until Seamus could no longer even stand before finally surrendering him to BARC. Seamus ended up on the euthanasia list, and we pulled him right off it to save his life.  His life, however, was–and is–still in jeopardy. Seamus is sick with Parvo.

Parvo is a highly contagious virus that causes an infectious gastrointestinal illness. Transmitted by direct contact with an infected dog or infected feces, or indirect contact by a lingering virus, Parvo symptoms can include severe bloody diarrhea, lethargy, fever, vomiting, weight loss, weakness, depression, and dehydration. Symptoms aside, Parvo always causes discomfort. Without treatment, it is potentially fatal.

Luckily, treatment is possible and consists of fluids, antibiotics, antiemetics, deworming, special food, probiotics, and antidiarrheals. Seamus is currently with a caring HPA! foster who is keeping him quarantined and properly treated.

The cost of Parvo treatment is $150, still a significant expense to HPA!

Will you sponsor Seamus’ Parvo treatment to save his life?

*Any donations raised above the goal will be applied towards HPA!’s medical fund to help future pets in need.*

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