CT Scan Needed to Diagnose Dolly’s Medical Mystery

Dolly was saved from euthanasia and placed in a wonderful foster home only to be brought to HPA! for open-mouthed breathing and bleeding from her left nostril. Her nose was swabbed to to test for a fungal infection, and histamines, bacteria, and possible round cells were identified. The sample was sent to the lab for a culture analysis. The veterinarian has posed it could be a foreign body in her snout or a possible tumor.

Dolly needs a CT scan to identify the problem and provide an accurate diagnosis. We are hoping it is not cancer, but we need YOUR help to fund the CT scan to know for sure. Currently, Dolly is on antibiotics and other medications to help her heal and be comfortable.

Please help HPA! raise $3,000 by donating whatever you can to help diagnose and treat Dolly!

*Any money raised above what is needed for Dolly will be placed in HPA!’s medical fund to treat animals with medical conditions.*

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