Special person needed for special pup!

Flan is a 5 year-old Chihuahua who has been through a lot. When we saved him from euthanasia, he had a broken pelvis and a dangling foot. He was resilient and didn’t show signs of much pain. After some time, his pelvis healed as much as it could, but it would never return to normal, and excessive nerve damage meant his leg required amputation.

Now a tripod in a foster home, Flan is a total trooper and nothing slows him down. He loves playing with other dogs and gets along with cats. His medical history has left him with two ongoing needs. He is incontinent, so wraps suit him best and his bedding needs daily changing. He also has an oral medication that is easily mixed into his food. Totally manageable!

Flan is looking for that special someone with patience and love. Is that you?! 

Find Flan online here.  Apply to adopt him (and/or to set up a meet & greet) here.

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