14 Pups Need Your Help to Find Forever Homes in Washington!

If you can believe it, there are cities that simply don’t have the overabundance of available pets that we have here in Houston. Transport provides these precious pups with an opportunity to find their forever homes much quicker out-of-state.

Rosie, Woody, Landon, Liberty, Morgan, Ameera, Jazzy Jane, Quinn, Sassy, Belle, Sherlock, Saul, Bro, and Nala are looking to head to Washington to find their forever homes, but they need your help to get there!  Ten are slated for Seattle Humane and four for NOAH next week.  It costs HPA! $200/dog to transport, so we need your help to raise at least $2,800 to send these precious pups to Washington!

Will you sponsor a pup’s new life for just $200?

*Any donations raised above the goal will be allocated towards helping future pets in need.*

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