Volunteer Spotlight: Beth Shoaf

Beth Shoaf of Richmond, TX (originally from Lafayette, IN), has volunteered with HPA! since just after Hurricane Harvey hit. Since, she has volunteered in almost every corner of HPA! and is now focusing her volunteer efforts in our medical clinic for surgeries.

How did you originally hear about HPA!?

I was out of state when the hurricane happened, but heard that the dogs were out at Katy Mills. When I returned to Texas, the dogs were gone and I had to figure out where they had been taken.

Why did you initially choose to get involved with HPA! and why do you stay involved?

I had always wanted to volunteer at a rescue but didn’t really know about no-kill initiatives. I didn’t think I could stand going to a kill shelter. After Harvey, I knew I had to get involved, and I stay involved because I feel like it is what I should have been doing all along. I found my calling!

Elaborate on your role/what you do:

I check in animals, help prep for surgery, and watch over them as they recover…. and cleaning, lots of cleaning!

What advice do you have for others looking to get involved? 

Do it!! The love you feel from the animals is your reward!

Is there a current HPA! pet that you’d like to give a shout out to? Why should someone adopt them?

Murphy has helped my fear of German Shepherds. Janice is a love! Bosco breaks my heart with his sad eyes! I hope they get a home soon!

(Find them and other adoptable pets here.)

Anything else you’d like to share?

HPA! has been my savior. Living in Texas is hard for me. I’m very far away from my girls and my whole family. I have met SO many awesome people through HPA! and I feel like some of them are my Texas family now!

To learn about becoming an HPA! volunteer, click here.


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