Barbie Has Stomatitis and Needs Your Help!

Have you ever experienced pain while eating? Hopefully not. But imagine having to feel any level of discomfort in an act so vital to live, an act done multiple times a day.

Barbie has feline stomatitis, which is severe, painful inflammation of a cat’s mouth and gums. Dental disease, certain viruses, and some other inflammatory conditions can cause feline stomatitis. While the condition can be controlled with medication, in Barbie’s case, it has also caused issues with many of her teeth that make eating very difficult and painful, so some need to be extracted. To ensure an ideal result, a specialist is required to perform this surgery. Barbie will need a consult and surgery, which cost $1,250.

Will you give Barbie the comfort of eating pain-free through a donation? Just 25 $50 donations will provide Barbie the healing she deserves.

*Any donations raised above the goal will be allocated to help future pets in need.*

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