Nearly Euthanized to Forever Home in just 48 Hours

Moncler was surrendered to BARC because his owner “didn’t have time for him anymore.” Three days ago HPA! had ONE HOUR to save his life from euthanasia. Three days ago an amazing HPA! foster stepped up and saved his life.

His previous owner spoke very highly of him:

Moncler is a happy dog and the most faithful and loyal companion one could ever possibly have. If I stepped out to get the mail, Moncler would watch me from the window. If I’m in the kitchen cooking, Moncler is sitting there praying for a drop of food to make its way to the floor. If I’m working in the dining room, Moncler is laying at my feet making sure I’m ok. In the shower? He’s right outside patiently waiting for me to get ready. On the days I would organize my closet because a crazy work week would often lead to the need to sit on the floor and sort through piles of clothes, Moncler was right there next to me while I sorted. Sun bathing? No problem, he’d sit right next to me to work on his tan as well. He would get so excited when I arrived at home. And the only sad face I would ever see was when I left for work every day and when I would throw away cooked chicken bones. He never understood why I would throw the bones away no matter how many times I explained it would splinter in his belly and not be very good for him. He’s a fantastic dog.

It’s mind boggling that three days ago this fantastic dog was slated for euthanasia. It’s awe-inspiring that three days ago an HPA! foster saved his life. And it’s incredible that yesterday Moncler was adopted into a new, loving family! Within 48 hours Moncler went from nearly being euthanized to finding his forever home.

It’s because of HPA!’s life-saving fosters that Moncler has a second chance. And it’s because of generous donors that HPA! has the resources to mobilize our community, save lives, and find forever homes for Houston’s pets who find themselves knocking at death’s door at no fault of their own.

You have the power to save a life today. How will you do it?

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