Bottle Babies Need YOUR Help to Survive!

Kitten season is here and the babies need YOUR help to survive!

This spring, hundreds of litters of kittens will end up slated for euthanasia before they can even open their eyes, simply because of the sheer number of them. These neonatals are in DIRE need of our help. First, we must save their lives from euthanasia. But once they’re saved, they need to be bottle fed and cared for around the clock by loving fosters in order to survive.

Because of your generosity, last year HPA! saved 700 kittens during kitten season.  This year is expected to exceed that.

It truly takes a village to save these bottle babies.  Life-saving fosters are needed to take in kittens saved from the euthanasia list.  Vital supply kits with KMR, Miracle Nipples, 5ml and 10ml syringes, heating pads (without auto shut off), bottle/nipple kits, baby wipes, baby blankets, digital thermometers, cotton balls, flea combs, mother and baby food, and snuggle safe discs, must be compiled and distributed to fosters for life-saving bottle baby care.  YOU are needed to help make it all happen!

We need your support now to kickstart kitten season with $5,000 to obtain these items for the kittens where in-kind donations fall short. It’s a huge undertaking, but with your immediate support, hundreds of kittens can be saved!

Will you save a kitten today?

*Any donations raised above the goal will be allocated towards life-saving efforts.*

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