What You Need to Know About Adopting a Pet

Whether you’re thinking about adopting or have newly adopted, there are many factors to take into consideration to make the experience as joyful and easy as possible. To help, we have put together some basic tips thanks to 1-800-PetMeds to get you and your new fur baby through the journey with ease.



  • Getting a new pet is an exciting thought, but you should always take some time to think beyond the cute and fluffy. Ask yourself:
    – Is my entire household ready for a pet and the responsibilities that come with pet ownership?
    – How much time do I have to give to a new pet?
    – Is my home big enough and/or safe for an animal?
    – Am I financially prepared?
  • Do your research before even stepping foot in a rescue or shelter. Finding the right pet for your lifestyle and home is more than just love at first sight.
  • Animal-proof your home. Whether you’re looking for a dog or cat, make sure there are no hidden dangers around your home to eliminate any accidents when they arrive. Some key preparations could include: tape loose electrical cords to baseboards, store household chemicals on high shelves, remove plants, rugs, and breakables, set up a crate, and install baby gates
  • Go shopping! Make sure you have all the essentials you need before welcoming home your new pet. Having this done beforehand will help the animal adjust better in their new surroundings.
  • Research the rescue or shelter and their animals online before visiting. This way you know of any requirements they ask for and you can see if there are any particular animals you want to see first.


  • If you have a dog at home already, set up a meet and greet with the pet you’re interested in to see how they do with their potential companion.
  • When it comes to cats, try to look past the fear that you will surely encounter. Some cats don’t cope well in a shelter environment and their timid personality will most likely subside once you take them home.
  • Ask a lot of questions. This new relationship needs to be a win-win on both sides. Be sure to cover any fears, confusion, etc. when it comes to animals you’re considering.


  • Give a shy pet some space. Most animals can be nervous and shy when entering a new home. Keep an eye on them but let them explore without you hovering.
  • For cats, confine them to a room for a few days to let them adjust. However, be sure to spend as much time as possible in the room to bond.
  • Show your new pet their toilet area immediately and spend a good amount of time there.
  • Establish a feeding schedule right away (and a walking schedule for dogs), and don’t forget to be consistent.
  • Be flexible. Maybe the area you set up for them makes them nervous or the food you bought doesn’t sit well with their stomachs. It’s okay – it’s all an adjustment period.
  • Slowly introduce your pet to new situations and new people. Adopting is an overwhelming experience for anyone, even your pet. Try to limit the amount of changes so as not to confuse them or scare them.


We hope these tips help you feel completely prepared for your new family member. Every pet deserves a home and every home deserves a pet.  Find your forever friend today here!

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