Ivy’s Burns Need Your Help to Heal


Ivy is the sweetest, happiest girl, but at just one year old she has already had a tragic history. She came to the local municipal shelter as a cruelty case with a severe burn down her back. While we can never know the true cause, it is thought that she may have been doused with water from a hot hose that had been sitting in the Houston heat.

Ivy was passed over at the shelter and ended up on the euthanasia list. But we knew all she needed was a little time to heal and some TLC. Now in the care of an expert HPA! foster, and despite her injuries, Ivy has a positive attitude, loves to play, and is ridiculously friendly and funny with people and dogs.

It will take a lot of time, antibiotics, ointment, and care for Ivy’s painful outside to match her positive inside. Will you donate now to help Ivy heal?

*Any donations raised over what is needed for Ivy will be allocated to help future pets in need.*

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