Pups Need Your Help to Get to Forever Homes

Did you know that many cities do not have the overabundance of homeless pets that we see here in Houston? Sometimes, pets have a better opportunity to be adopted out-of-state, and HPA! often transports dogs to give them a better chance at finding a forever home through one of our partner organizations up north.  After transport, our pups usually get adopted within a week or even days of arriving!

Margaret, PeeWee, Gino, Melrose, Hogan, Minnie, Laika, Fawkes, Pignoli, Kodak, and some of their friends are headed to Ruff Start in Minnesota this week to find their forever homes! It typically costs HPA! $200/dog to transport, and we are hoping to raise $2,400 today with your help. Please help pups like these reach their destinations!

Will you sponsor a dog’s new life for just $200? Every dollar counts!

*Any funds raised above the goal will help future pets in need.*

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